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Primarch Lorgar, yours is an interesting idea for a 500 point list which I have not seen before. I have run with it a little bit, so I apologize if it appears I have hijacked your list. I also made it Force Organization legal.

Lord, Power Fist, combi Melta (125 points)

8 Chaos Space Marines, Apsiring Champion, Flamer, Icon of Chaos Glory, Rhino, extra armour, (200 points)

5 Chaos Space Marine (75 points)

Greater Daemon (??? points)

I'm sure you see what I'm going for.
The squad of five hope for the best and hold your home objective.
The squad of eight get into a their rhino along with Kathal. Kathal is basically preforming the role of an aspiring champion. The rhino is then pointed at the center of your opponents line. Once it reaches assault range Invictus, the squads actual aspiring champion explodes into a greater daemon and attacks. Space marines mop up.

It keeps the flavor you had cooked up and I think makes your greater daemon actually hitting close to your enemy a more realistic possibility.

Death to the False Emperor!
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