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Long story short;

I am pinning down a WoC 2k list, but finding it doesn't scale/ reduce down to 1k very well.

So I decided to get something cheap to play with to improve my knowledge of 8th until I am settled on my list and have all my WoC. Then I will play those, and build this one to 2k.

Box gives me 20 Archers (220), 20 LSG (240), RBT (100), and chariot (85/ 140). That's 645/ 700. If I add L2 Mage (Lore undecided) w/ Annulian Crystal/ Caradryan depending on my enemy that is 820/ 875. Then I can put FC on the LSG for 25 (845/900 - let's call it 900 because the LionCh rocks). That means I can put SB + M on the Archers (presuming they are 1 unit) and take a Tiranoc Chariot, or just take a 2nd RBT.


Caradryan/ L2 w/ Annulian Crystal

20 LSG w/ FC

20 Archers

Lion Chariot

2x RBT


This means I have to buy a Battalion, Caradryan, Mage box (if I don't just use Caradryan as a caounts as), and a RBT. That should come in at £70 or under.

Anyone got any better suggestions on how to bulk up a battalion box to 1k, or how to improve this list?

Please bear in mind finance is an issue - I will be keeping this army, and expanding it, but at the momoent it is just a stop-gap.

Thanks guys.

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To take this to 2k I plan on dropping the chariot for a BSB:

En Shield +Talisman of Pres+Dragon Armour+ BES = 182 (1+/4++)
Armour of Caledor+ Guardian Phoenix = 160 (2+/5++) gives me an extra attack from 2nd rank too.

Then take Teclis in a mob of PG w/ Banner of Sorcery.

That will be 2k. Not a lot of models for 1k+ points, but if I give the mage High Magic then the opponent will never have more than 3 PD more than my DD, EVER. Add in Drain Magic and I can shut down opposing magic. And I will never have less than 2 more PD. Though in reality those numbers are alot better. If Teclis can handle the magic on his own, or the opponent has a fast army, Caradryan can handle alot. Especially now he has been errata-ed to do d3 full stop.

That allows Teclis time to use whichever lore he (I) picks to nuke the rest of the army whilst whittling it down with arrows (arrow attraction).


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Given what the battalion contains it would be better to go spearmen than LSG. The battleforce gives the stuff to play an aggressive HE list and spears will fit in much more than LSG.
Asides the battalion get a mage and another box of spears and you should be set
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