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Ok so I'm new to Space Marines and I really want to start a flesh tearers army. Heres wat ive been thinking....


-160 pts


Sanguinary Guard X5
Death Masks
Chapter Banner
1 PF

Sternguard X5
Plasma Gun

Sangunairy Preist
-50 pts


Tactical Squad X10
Missle Launcher
Power Fist
Plasma Pistol
-210 pts
+ Rhino 50pts

Death Company X5
Infernus Pistol

Scout Squad X5
Heavey Bolter

Assult Squad X10
X2Plasma Pistol

Fast Attack

Land Speeder
Typhoon Missle Launcher
-90 pts

Baal Predator
Flame Storm Cannon
Heavy Bolters
-145 pts

Total 1765

Ok so its a rough list. I already have the 5 Sternguard, the Tact squad, assult marines, scouts, so the rest of the stuff I have yet to purchase. Any ideas thoughts?

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Main thing I see is the same as Dallas. How are you planning on getting Seth, Priest and Stern to the fight...? Drop Pod is great for Sternguard, but you will either need to lower your squad size on the tacs to fit the other two in or figure something else out. Plus you will want Seth to travel with a assault squad with out packs so that you get the most bang for your charge as you can get when he launches his assault. Just my two cents.

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Ok so heres what my plan would be.

Seth would run with the Death Company... which I probably will boost to 10 no jumpacks. Baal pred runs up a flank takes out infantry flame storm cannon and hvy bolters. The assault infantry...well they jsut got rip stuff up. Scouts sit on my objective. Land Speeder goes up with Pred. Sanguinary presit... i was thinking of running him with the assualt marines.

The sternguard.. im not sure i mean i have them they are good but im not sure wat id do with them. Suggestions? Run with Seth?

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Sorry just to confirm im really nooooob with SM if you guys think im totally going wrong here say so again the only units i have so far are the SM Battle force (Tact, scouts, assualt marines, rhino) + land speeder.
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