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During the Second Founding, a chapter was created which were tasked with securing the outlying systems surrounding the Eye of Terror. This chapter would later become known as the Fists of Flame.
Despite their long history, the Fists of Flame did not attain the notoriety of some of the other Chapters with the populace of the Imperium at large or indeed within the systems for which they served within.
Indeed, it was a remarkable character trait which all it's Battle Brothers shared. The Chapter, as whole, shunned their glorious past, seeing only that their duty lay in the present, and their past acts were nothing compared to the duty they owed the Imperium. Other Chapters created beautiful works of art in their own fortress monasteries, of which the Fists of Flame were no different, but such frescoes were well hidden and guarded jealously from outsiders.
Their loathing of the outside world acknowledging their existence was ever more marked by their initiation rights. It was not uncommon for Initiates to never meet more then a handful of Space Marines from the Fists of Flame Chapter until they were fully inducted into Chapter as full Battle Brothers. And the Chapter closely watched the worlds from which they drew their recruits from, who they treated as nothing more then recruitment worlds, never maintaining any real presence on such worlds.
Such was their rites of induction that they would only take a few recruits every few generations, letting the news of their visiting the world sink into myth and legend, before drawing a few more recruits from worlds.
The Wars for Tarsiss III
Few can remember the events surrounding the beleaguered world of Tarsiss III. Fewer still can remember when that once blissful world was perfect and harboured not taints of what would happen to it in later years and centuries.
The worlds of the Tarsiss system, all four of them were home to a thriving star port, and numerous smaller Convents of Sisters of Battle were stationed throughout the system, some on Tarsiss II, others on Tarsiss III and another on Tarsiss IV.
However, in 540.M37, an event set in motion the series of events which would led ultimately to the downfall and resurgence of the Chapter. In that eventful year, one who would haunt the Fists of Flame, and Inquisitor Holt into later centuries. For Holt found a deep secret in the mind of one of the Sister's of the Order of the Raped Virgin. He found a secret which would condemn the young Sister of Battle who would later become known as Canoness Gemiel to a life in servitude of Slaanesh.
With the young Sister's secret revealed, she fled the Convent, and returned 21 years later, with an army of Emperor's Children, with the young Sister at their head. Thus began the first war of Tarsiss III.
Within the month, the Fists of Flame and Inquisitor Holt responded to the threat that the Slaaneshi worshippers posed. In a series of brutal assaults and attacks, the Fists of Flame managed to dislodge the Emperor's Children from the mountain passes and bunkers, and with the aid of the Order of the Raped Virgin, they ejected the traitor Gemiel out of the system.
Then in, 798.M38, Lord Damius unleashed his vile diseases upon the Tarsiss system. The first signs of his onslaught were nothing more then two plague frigates drifting unpowered into the system. As Imperial Navy frigates investigated the new arrivals, a fleet of Nurgle vessels burst out of the Warp, and within seconds, torpedoes were crossing the vast blackness of space between the Navy vessels and the newly emerged Chaos vessels.
Without suffering any damage, the Navy vessels were routed or destroyed, and the Nurgle plague vessels drifted on to pollute the high orbits of Tarsiss III and Tarsiss IV. Within the hour, Plague Marines were on the ground and plague carrying Rhinos were racing across the prosperous fields of Tarsiss III.
It would be another two months before the Fists of Flame had the ready resources and man power to strike back effectively at the newly discovered threat. Upon entering the system, the Adeptus Astartes begun prosecuting a vicious space war with the Nurgle vessels, striking from a distance with torpedoes whilst using the constantly changing orbits of the outlying Tarsiss system to cover their approach from enemy torpedoes and scouting squadrons.
As two Space Marine Battle Barges slipped into orbit, they tore apart two Nurgle vessels with combined bombardment vessels, and begun their planet fall to strike hard and fast against the ground forces of Lord Damius.
It was already too late however for the vast populous of those worlds. Hundreds upon thousands of citizens had been rendered down into plague zombies, and the vast hives had become killing fields for uninfected humans tried hard to stay alive against the teeming hordes of the infected. The once prosperous fields had become nothing more then ash as all life had been altered or destroyed by the toxins unleashed by the Nurgle cults and followers.
Within days, the rapid strikes of the Fists of Flame had been slowed down, and vicious trench to trench warfare erupted. Such conditions ruled in favour of the Nurgle followers as the plague had time to adapt to the newly acquired targets, and even the enhanced immune systems of the Space Marines were comprimised and before the Fists of Flame knew what was truly happening, over a third of their number fighting had been killed or reduced to Plague Marines.
The moral fibre of many of the Fists of Flame broke in the conditions and many turned to father Nurgle to end their suffering or to aid them in their time of greatest need, and many took the Grandfather's ideals as their own.
It would not end until 799.M38, until Inquisitor Holt himself returns to Tarsiss III and leads the attack against Lord Damius' himself together with the untainted Fists of Flame and a small convent of Sisters of Battle from the Order of the Raped Virgin. Despite the opposition, Holt managed to force Lord Damius off the world and with the aid of the Imperial Navy, out of the system, destroying a great part of Damius' fleet in the process.
When all was accounted for, the Fists of Flame had lost over half their number to plague and battlefield casualties, with many of the gene-seeds tainted beyond recovery and with that, the acting Chapter Master, Chief Librarian Mars Aran led a massive organisation of the Chapter.
Fighting Doctrine
Following the Second War for Tarsiss III, Mars Aran led a massive overhaul of the Chapter's organisation. There would not be a 1st Company, and the Companies on the whole would be rendered down into only four Penitent Crusades, each based on one of the four surviving Battle Barges, with the former 1st Company veterans being split between the Penitent Crusades to act as squad leaders and bodyguards for the higher ranking personnel.
Another major change was a drastic changing in fighting doctrine on the battlefield. Previously, they were pretty strict in their doctrine, with many of their warriors fighting within bolter, but since the overhaul, Mars Aran was determined not to let the trench style warfare become another reality. He ordered the entire chapter to rearm and take the fight to the enemy with chainsword and bolt pistol, forcing the Space Marines to get close and personal with their foes. Within a year, the Chapter had become proficient in this new style of warfare and had racked up a number of victories beneath their belt.
Current Strength
The Fists of Flame are currently well under-strength, with as little as 45% of the Chapter's active fighting strength remaining, following the events which unfolded during the Second Tarsiss III War. This has left the Chapter at a critical point, from which no Chapter has never fully returned or recovered and the events has left a long genetic memory running through the Chapter. A deep rooted hatred for the Nurgle Lord Damius, who the Fist of Flame see as the only true way to redeem themselves in the eyes of the Emperor.
The Chapter is currently led by a Chief Librarian known as Mars Aran, who took command of the Chapter after Hueran Tigerian was lost to the Tyranids whilst on a mission to retrieve information of vital import to the Imperium. Despite this the Chapter continues on, without an official Chapter Master, with Mars Aran acting as the only form of stable leadership to the under strength chapter.
Although there is an undercurrent that Mars Aran is strong enough and more then capable of becoming Chapter Master in title and not only in action, he is reluctant to step up to the title until he, himself has taken revenge upon Lord Damius for what he had done to His Chapter.
Penitent Crusade
During the closing days of 870.M38, a familiar face would appear across the cold of void. With news of the exact location of both Iunsan and Iysudann deep within the Eye of Terror, Inquisitor-Lord Holt asked for an audience with the acting Chapter Master, Mars Aran.
With the chance to repay the Four Winds of Chaos for what they had done to his chapter down the centuries, Mars Aran ushers his chapter to go on Crusade. Death or glory would be theirs. Last the Imperium knew, the Fists of Flame were last seen plunging into the Eye of Terror in search of Damius.
Pivital Heroes
The Fists of Flame have a number of heroes who, through the centuries that the Chapter has been in existence, have distinguished themselves for numerous reasons.
Standard Bearer Ulirion, Bearer of the Chapter Standard was elevated to this position after his actions whilst retrieving the shattered body of Chapter Master, and who kept him alive long enough for him to be installed into the ancient sacophogus of a Venerable Dreadnought.
Further to this Chief Librarian Mars Aran, who some say is more the capable of leading the Chapter to victory has not ascended to the rank of Chapter Master, with many believing that he was yet to call Lord Damius to account for his actions before he'll allow himself and his Chapter such royalties such as grand titles like Chapter Master.
Another such hero, yet despite his wounds he suffered fighting the Tyranids, Hueran Tigerian continues to fight for the Chapter. His shattered body was installed into the armoured form of a Dreadnought. One of the most notable acts of Hueran Tigerian's lifetime was during the Battle of Dunsury Bridge. For eight nights and seven days, Hueran Tigerian held the bridge almost single-handedly, and outnumbered by the hordes of Tyranids, giving the Imperial Navy time to save valuable research data and important personal. When he was eventually relieved of duty, it was apparent that his small continent had been nearly wiped out by massed waves of Gaunts after the death of Captain Mc'Intyre, who fell to a rogue spore mine during the opening moves of that engagement.
Please let me know what you think of this fluff :).

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Nice stuff dude. Thought I would bring this forward to try and get some feedback for you.

I especially like the idea of the Librarian taking command but not accepting the mantle of the Chapter Master due to his desire for vengenace. The secretive nature of the chapter is also great. Have you done up a colour scheme for the chapter at all?

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Very interesting part about the fasct of vengeance running through the chapter for the nurgle lord, and no current chapter master etc etc, things actually accounting for losses from a large battle, not like some where "oh yeah they took heavy casualties but they're fine not because we're still not sure what the exact date is but yeah... its been a few centeries or something and their fine"
So all in all i like it
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