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Fists of Bosh test Scheme

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Right, here's my test model for a plain old silver fist marine...

Black is the main colour, of that i have no doubt. At the moment the model is Black undercoat, drybrushed with a 50/50 Fenris Grey/Chaos Black. Planning on extreme highlighting with Adeptus Battlegrey.

Trim and helmet is iyanden darksun, covered with golden yellow and highlit with sunburst yellow.

Hands are Tinbitz covered with chainmail, a black inkwash, and will be highlit Mithril Silver. I might take it down to just one hand.

Bolter is so far just some Red Gore, and this is where i have the most misgivings. A) a red bolter makes him look like a McMarine. Red Gore works the best of all the reds but I'm still not sure.

Options are... different helmet colour, different bolter colour.

thoughts, feelings?
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but that makes the centre of the model a massive black hole. even with the chain done in bronze
i'll try both tomorrow and post pics...
way ahead of you, working on two models for it..
Right, ok, here's a quick comparison...

thoughts feelings?

will do a silver one in a mo..
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Right, Ok, have decided to keep yellow kneepad, and here are the final 3... thoughts and feelings please...

(my mum says silver one)
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yeah, he's the most done of the three. i did him at my local store yesterday, but cant do more than Iyanden Darksun back home because i dont have any golden yellow.

next question, does silver hand go ok with silver gun?
uniformity is sadly paramount to me, so what we're going with is silver weapons, with black holdybit, silver fist (bright) and yellow other things.

hopefully should have at least one squad done tomorrow
GWARRRGH! so many opinions...
how about a chapter called something else, say Fists of Bosh, and having a yellow right hand and silver guns?
to be fair, the colour scheme sits better and better with me each time, and i can always find a new name to fit around that. i'm gonna try lots of things in store today, and take photos when i get home...
good grief no...

i tried mechrite red first, it's far too bright and immediately brings up the old McMarine problem. Guns are going to be silver, with yellow fists...
mechrite is somewhere between scab and blood red, and its pretty... well... flat, and its the only foundation red.

the main objection is that yellow and red dont go very well together.
uhh.... black? what other tidbits? suggestions?
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