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Fists of Bosh test Scheme

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Right, here's my test model for a plain old silver fist marine...

Black is the main colour, of that i have no doubt. At the moment the model is Black undercoat, drybrushed with a 50/50 Fenris Grey/Chaos Black. Planning on extreme highlighting with Adeptus Battlegrey.

Trim and helmet is iyanden darksun, covered with golden yellow and highlit with sunburst yellow.

Hands are Tinbitz covered with chainmail, a black inkwash, and will be highlit Mithril Silver. I might take it down to just one hand.

Bolter is so far just some Red Gore, and this is where i have the most misgivings. A) a red bolter makes him look like a McMarine. Red Gore works the best of all the reds but I'm still not sure.

Options are... different helmet colour, different bolter colour.

thoughts, feelings?
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Keep the helmet yellow, drop the red bolter. I would make it black body and metallic barrel/magazine.
Hm, good point. Maybe the red does work then. I'd do one of the kneepads in yellow though.
Seeing it now, the red isn't too bad. Probably better than the yellow, actually. I think I'd still go for a dark metal though, but the red is a good alternative.
The Wraithlord said:
Agreed, the metal gun looks best. I also like the yellow on the right hand marine the best of the three.

The red's not too bad though, and you could always throw that in on a few models in order to break up the uniformity a bit. And as Vash says, if you use the same red elsewhere in the army, it'll look less out of place on the Marines.
1 - 4 of 30 Posts
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