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Fists of Bosh test Scheme

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Right, here's my test model for a plain old silver fist marine...

Black is the main colour, of that i have no doubt. At the moment the model is Black undercoat, drybrushed with a 50/50 Fenris Grey/Chaos Black. Planning on extreme highlighting with Adeptus Battlegrey.

Trim and helmet is iyanden darksun, covered with golden yellow and highlit with sunburst yellow.

Hands are Tinbitz covered with chainmail, a black inkwash, and will be highlit Mithril Silver. I might take it down to just one hand.

Bolter is so far just some Red Gore, and this is where i have the most misgivings. A) a red bolter makes him look like a McMarine. Red Gore works the best of all the reds but I'm still not sure.

Options are... different helmet colour, different bolter colour.

thoughts, feelings?
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Too well :wink: it gets lost on the gun. The ribbed bit that he holds with the 'silver fist' could be done black to contrast.
In truth I quite like the red gun, I think it will work better when you come to doing vehicles and such as well as complementing purity seals and maybe eyes and gems if you go red on them.
1 - 1 of 30 Posts
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