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Hey - quick post - I'm usually playing with Empire but I've got to the point of being interested in another army. I've taken the risk and gone with Beastmen.

The list looks like this - it's taken a while to get anywhere but here goes:


Tuskgor Chariot
Heavy Armour
Talisman of Preservation
The Steel Claws
Uncanny Senses


Heavy Armour
Ramhorn Helm
The Brass Cleaver

Lvl 1 Bray Shaman

Both the above in the Gor Herd below

Lvl 2 Bray Shaman
Dispel Scroll
Shadow Hide


Gor Herd (38)
Full Command
Additional Hand Weapons

Ungor Raiders (10)

Ungor Raiders (10)

Tuskgor Chariot

Chaos Warhounds (5)


Razorgor (1)

Minotaurs (3)


I'm usually a defensive player so this is a bit of a departure for me. The Minotaurs and Razorgor can work the flanks while one of the Raider units goes into ambush. The centre will obviously be filled with the Gor Herd and Characters supported by the Chariots. The Hounds are purely chaff who may go after the odd warmachine but little else.

The special choices feel a bit weak so any input would be much appreciated ie. more Core choices?
or maybe more Razorgor instead of Minotaur?


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Not a bad first go at a list like this.

Firstly the beastlord. Its really tight at lower point levels to pull off a general on a chariot as he is a single model that presents are very large target for cannons and the like. You've tried to go with an element of offence while keeping some defence, but I think you've missed a trick here. Giving him Gnarled hide, charmed shield, heavy armour and talisman of pres will provide him with a 1+ armour save, 2+ ignore the first hit (cannon protection) and a 4+ ward save and then for offence you take the brass cleave from the BSB and move it here. This guy is on a chariot base so normally he should always be in base contact with 3/4 guys when hes in combat so your looking at an almost guaranteed 8 attacks over 4+d3.

As for the BSB, hes going to be sat in the gor unit which is going to be your main fighting block so I would suggest giving him the beast banner to bring the Gor upto S4. Defence would be light as gnarled hide is used on the general so heavy armour,shield and additional hand weapon as basic upgrades and play defensive with him and have him on the corner of the unit. If you get the charge against anything but a similar frontage then he shouldnt even see combat.

Shamans - I think you could get away with a single level 2 here with a dispell scroll. A level 1 hero death mage never tends to do much let alone a beastman shaman who has awful stats for death sniping. Could run shadow or beast but are good for beastment (beasts having the bonus of wildforming the gor each turn for a S5/T5 unit).

I think you've over comitted points unnessasarily with the raiders. 3 units of 5 will provide 2 drops and an additional to ambush if needed. 5 guys should be enough disruption, 10 wont do much more.

Tuskgor chariot and razorgor are both strong picks. I'd drop the dogs in favour of a second razorgor. You dont need them for the core points and the razorgor have a much bigger potential.

I'm not a huge fan of a 3 man unit of minos but that said i gives you a 3rd banner and if you use them with the razorgors they will perform (Razorgors are needed for chasing down since minos dont do that well) I'd reccomend extra hand weapons on these guys to maximise their output and make sure they win combats.

I guess the list would looks something like this.

Beastlord - Chariot, Gnarled hide, charmed shield, hvy armour, 4+ ward, Brass cleaver

BSB - hvy armour, shield, beast banner

lvl 2 shaman, dispell sroll (shadow/beasts)

40 Gor, Full command, extra weapons
5 Ungor Raiders
5 Ungor Raiders
5 Ungor Raiders
Tuskgor Chariot

3 Minotaurs - Standard, Additional weapons

Theres probably some points left over to play with but thats my suggestions.
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