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Hello all,

I have a local RP group here, one of them wants to GM for a Dark Heresy game. But...I'm the only one with extensive experience with the WH40K universe, and two others have only been exposed to it (one friend is reading the Gaunt's Ghosts series, and a second has the DH corebook and played Dawn of War). So, I volunteered to run a mini-campaign for everyone to give them a taste of the setting and introduce them to 40K in a fun, memorable way.

So, I'm working on a mini-campaign using the DH ruleset about the fall of Prandium during the First Tyrannic War. Tentatively, the PC's will be members of a squad of Storm Troopers with ties to Ultramar (or alternatively Grenadiers), sent to lead and rally PDF and conscripts, and hold out as long as possible against the Tyranids. I figure that's a good way to introduce them to the setting: lots and lots of room for high octane nightmare fuel, heroics, sacrifice, betrayal and drama, and in the end they're doomed all the same.

So, I'm looking for just about any and all piece of fluff I can about the First Tyrannic War, Prandium, Hive Fleet Behemoth, and anything else I might need. I already have access to the 2nd and 3rd Ed. corebooks, the 2nd Ed. Ultramarines codex, 3rd Ed. Space Marines codex, and 2nd Ed. Tyranid codex...so, enough to patch things together but not really make it pop. I'm not going to go all-out canon fascist on my poor group, but on the other hand it would be really nice to make it fit neatly within the established 40K universe behind-the-scenes.

Any suggestions on where I might be able to look, other than newer codices (which are already on the menu)? I'm probably going to wait to get my hands on Deathwatch before I run the game, but I'm pretty set on the players being in the role of Guardsmen (albeit elites) rather than Space Marines.

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