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I think the idea of deploying 225 guardsmen is awesome!

(I just don't even want to think about painting those guardsmen to a decent standard...)

I'm assuming you'll use 50 man combined blob squads with CCS and PCS as 'order' units.

The list is lacking firepower or maybe it's lacking your vision behind deploying so many guys. What do you want with these guys?
You're obviously not going for CC, because you don't have anything that can kick a$$.
You're also not going for shooting, with just lasguns (even with rapidfire and 'first rank, second rank') you don't dish out a lot of hurt. And something within 12" of guardsmen will eat them next turn. Or at least bog down your blob squad.

You could transform the list in both shooty and assaulty, but shooty is probably more likely to hurt your opponent.

I'll try to stay with your theme while suggesting changes.
-CCS: You want this unit to give orders for twin-linking against vehicles, or first rank, second rank. You don't want the MoO, because you will likely move with your squad and than the MoO can't fire. I'd just give them sme LD improving gear. Banner and/or vox, but if you take commissars don't bother and just take a 50pts squad that adds the power of orders. I'd even consider a second CCS for using more 'real' orders on your platoons.

-PCS: same as above. You want orders and not much else, but you could consider 4 flamers. It's dirt cheap and 4 templates can hurt almost anything that gets close.

-Infantry squads: you should consider giving some HW and some SW. Give the platoons meltaguns (twin-link orders will help improve odds and 50 men don't die easily) and each platoon needs a powerfist commissar to 'bolster morale' (and shoot the cowardly dogs that run...) and some powerweapon sergeants for CC deterrent. A 50 men blob squad with meltas and powerweapons should be able to play offensively and go get objectives.

-Infantry squads: You could also consider giving some platoons heavy weapons, like the autocannon. Again with orders you'll improve your chances of hitting stuff and nobody likes 5 twin-linked autocannons or missile launchers firing at their vehicles. OR you could ignore this part and just buy Heavy Weapon Squads.

-Heavy Weapon squads: I feel you need some real firepower and you need more units that can shoot at stuff. With really big blob squads you can only target a few enemy units. Take 2 HWS with autocannons and 2 HWS with missile launchers. Take the second CCS I suggested and use the twin-link orders to take out armour. Because the HWS's will be behind so many guardsmen you'll be claiming cover saves against most shots at them.

-Vendetta: Poor lonely massively imposing vendetta... it won't last a turn. If you go all infantry, I suggest you leave vunerable vehicles at home. People will just love you for bringing one.

-Leman Russ: That lone AV14 tank is not going to have a good day. Every S8 and up weapon will shoot at it, after they take out the AV12 vehicles. In 2000pts your opponent will be bringing serious anti-tank weapons.

-Basilisks: The basilisk is a bit of a jack off all trades. The range, S and AP are all good, but it had nothing really special. A collossus had the 'ignore cover saves' special rule. The manticore brings S10 (anti-tank) and d3 shots with it. The medusa brings S10 AP2 to the table. The bassie is just cheap and allround.

I could suggest a list, but maybe you can see what's usefull and change the original list.

Good luck!

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Hi Cyoteon,

I'm too much of a Mech-player to know, but do you really need those voxes? Don't the commissars and Creed already boost your LD enough? Could save you some points. Right now it looks like your buying the vox and commissar for the PCS... I'm sure that's not the way you mean it.

Am I to believe that you're taking just 1 AC per blob squad, or are you taking a HWS with 3 AC's per platoon? Pointswise it looks just 4 AC's in your entire list. That is NOT enough ranged firepower for sure. You have nothing (except your 2 manticores and 4 close range meltaguns) that can hurt AV14 and lists with a lot of vehicles will ruin your day.

I don't really see the problem with outflanking units... you have huge blobsquads/tarpits for dealing with them. And the MotF will only delay them... eventually they will come.

In the end I don't feel this list is really maximising on the '50 men' units idea, which is the cool part.

May I suggest something like this:
HQ- CCS with Creed @ 105pts
HQ- CCS (naked) @ 50pts
TR- Platoon 1; 40 guardsmen, 4 meltaguns, 4 powerweapons, commissar chenkov, PCS, HWS w/ 3 AC's @ 430pts
TR- Platoon 2; 40 guardsmen, 4 meltaguns, 4 powerweapons, commissar w/ powerfist, PCS, HWS w/ 3 AC's @ 430pts
TR- Platoon 3; 40 guardsmen, 4 flamers, 4 powerweapons, commissar w/ powerfist, PCS, HWS w/ 3 ML's, HWS w/ 3 ML's @ 500pts
HS- manticore
HS- manticore
HS- manticore
Total: 145 guardsmen, 3 artillery pieces, gazillion lasguns @ 1995pts

Just imagine getting turn one and unleashing your 'katoesja' (you wanted a russian theme) missiles for a devasting alphastrike against enemy vehicles. Next you'll march your platoons straight into enemy fire while Creed directs more HWS firepower against target of priority. I can just hear the russian songs and stamping boots right now.

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