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Well this many guardsmen on the table will be a headache for some armies, no doubt about that. Just a few things I would do

CCS with MoO and Vox - 85
Add another CCS like this one and add Creed, he is awesome in infantry lists and whatever a Moo can do two can do better. Also PCS can only have the 3 basic orders, not that they are useless but with only one company commander only 2 squads will be able to get the company commander exclusive orders, so therefore get another CCS with CREED.

Another note on infantry lists, anything coming from reserves is your death, invest in master of the fleet.

Fast Attack
Vendeta Gunship - 130
x2 Hellfury missle pods
The list is to static for valks IMO, drop it and get more artillery which will better protected in an infantry list.

I strongly advise that you invest in some heavy weapons, tanks will chew you up

Don't have alot of time to go into detail, but good luck.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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