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First time list for Eldar

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Well, got my friends permission to use some of his troops and try out Eldar before I start buying my own army.

Farseer w/ Doom, Fortune, Guide, Runes of Witnessing, SS 160

10 Guardians w/ BL platform 110

10 Guardians w/ BL platform 110

10 Striking Scorpions
Exarch w/ Chainsabres 177
Wave serpent w/ TW SL, SS, Shuriken cannon 135

10 Striking Scorpions
Exarch w/ Biting blade 177
Wave serpent w/ TW SL, SS, Shuriken cannon 135

Total: 1004

First match is going to be against a Templar player. He usually fields a dread tricked out for popping vehicles no matter how many points and then most of his other stuff is pretty shooty. I figure with this list, I can let my farseer hop in one of the wave serpents with my scorpions and wreak havoc on his squads that aren't meant to do anything but fill me full of lead. The guardians are mostly there to provide transport popping and objectives and I plan to heavily abuse cover with them.

Seeing as how this will be my first match with an Eldar army, any tips, all comments welcome, etc.
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Granted, Scorpions are much more survivable than Banshees from the return attacks. A rerollable 3+ save is much better than a rerollable 4+, and you don't have to worry about Heavy Bolter's near as much.

The Banshee's do pull their favor from the fewer amount of incoming attacks you will face in CC. With both units you can expect to hit with around half of their attacks, 15-16ish for Banshees and 21ish for Scorps. Then the Banshees have a 55% chance to wound netting around 8 PW wounds. Most Scorps will have 75% chance to wound, netting about 16 wounds. Of those 16 only 1/3 will get through normal MEQ armor so roughly 5 dead Marines. Termies can expect to take 5-6 wounds from a unit of Banshees (after saves) and only like 2-3 from the Scorps. TH/SS Termies will pretty much even those odds though. Power Weapons of any sort will hurt both Scorps and Banshees fairly bad.

I am always concerned with Guardians toting around such an expensive gun. Frankly, they are far too inaccurate to be reliable with a Bright Lance. The bonus of the EML is that one of it's firing modes will give you better odds of hitting something, and if need be you still have your S8 tank hunting gun. Scatter Lasers are similar, giving you more shots and therefore better odds of a couple hits.

Also note, Guardians are among the squishiest things in existence. Unfortunately, as your only troops that is a terrible thing. Cover won't save you from enough, these guys will only have to take a few wounds before they strongly consider running. A unit this squishy should be as far back as possible (hint at EML), and they would serve terribly as ablative wounds for the Farseer (keep him with your Serpent units).

I don't want to say to switch from the Scorpions, I love mine and they've served me well, but i will say to be careful with them. Keep them away from Termies, who's Powerfists will tear through you in a matter of seconds. Otherwise, they could perform quite well for you. The Biting Blade can make them quite effective at taking down tanks as well.

I do think you should consider everything suggested by those who came before me though, as your current list and everything I said offered very little to combat a Dread. Fire Dragons do that better than anyone. I don't play too many 1k games, i rarely get to go under 1750 these days. My 1k army also typically includes Eldrad, an Avatar, Wraithguard, and some Pathfinders. What I lack is what will be among you best strengths, mobility.
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