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First time list for Eldar

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Well, got my friends permission to use some of his troops and try out Eldar before I start buying my own army.

Farseer w/ Doom, Fortune, Guide, Runes of Witnessing, SS 160

10 Guardians w/ BL platform 110

10 Guardians w/ BL platform 110

10 Striking Scorpions
Exarch w/ Chainsabres 177
Wave serpent w/ TW SL, SS, Shuriken cannon 135

10 Striking Scorpions
Exarch w/ Biting blade 177
Wave serpent w/ TW SL, SS, Shuriken cannon 135

Total: 1004

First match is going to be against a Templar player. He usually fields a dread tricked out for popping vehicles no matter how many points and then most of his other stuff is pretty shooty. I figure with this list, I can let my farseer hop in one of the wave serpents with my scorpions and wreak havoc on his squads that aren't meant to do anything but fill me full of lead. The guardians are mostly there to provide transport popping and objectives and I plan to heavily abuse cover with them.

Seeing as how this will be my first match with an Eldar army, any tips, all comments welcome, etc.
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your Farseer needs Spirit Stones if you're going to use multiple powers.

i know you maybe be tempted to put the Farseer with the Guardians but don't.

if your strictly WYSIWIG i understand the disparity between the Scorpion Exarchs, but i'd give them both Biting Blades if possible.

i'd give both your Guardian squads EML or SL, though to save on points, consider Chin Cannons.

drop the Chin Cannons from your Serpents to save on points, give them EML.

make your Farseer as Cheap as possible: you could do extremely well with only Doom, Fortune, Stones, and a Singing Spear.

if you can at all take another Farseer, do it. attach the Farseers to the Scorps.

frankly, you'd do a lot better with Banshees against BT. if you take psyker powers to make Banshees hit better, I10 with PW + rerolls to wound and rerollable armor saves will slice TEQs like a laser through mash potatoes.

good hunting.
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