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ok so i usually play CSM and SM so this is a huge leap for me.

So far I think it's aplausible list all comments welcome.

Bloodthirster w/ death strike, blessing of blood god, unholy might, instrument of chaos 300pts
Faaaar too expensive. Death Strike isn't worth it, considering you'll only use it one or two times per game.
Hes cool
Flamers of Tzeentch x4 w/ bolt of tzeentch
Drop the Bolt on these guys. Their default attack is just as good against AV14, and it wont ever miss.
15 Bloodletters w/ fury of khorne, instrument of chaos
I find upgrades to be kinda a waste here. run them plain to save points.
15 Bloodletters w/ fury of khorne, insturment of chaos

Fast Attack
Flesh Hounds of Khorne x10 w/ Karanack, fury of khorne
Can't see anything wrong here. Not much experience with these guys myself, but looks good on paper
Heavy Support
Soul Grinder w/ phlem and tongue
I'd say drop Phlem. You don't need that wide a variety of attacks, and its expensive. Tongue is good for popping armour though, so keep it.

First turn is Skulltaker and both squads of Letters and Flamers.
2nd is Soul grinder and bloodthirster and Hounds.

like i said first list for daemons. If i'm wrong about deployment let me know.

You should save (if i did my mental, no codex math right) 105 points there. Exactly enough for a squad of 3 more Flamers. You can never have enough Flamers!
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