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alright first the thirster is just to many points. you can do without the death strike on him. As for instrument it's awesome ( a lot of people here will tell you other wise on it but hey it comes in handy

the flamers really don't need bold of tzeentch consider each one has breath of chaos ( glancing any vehicle or wounding on a 4+ no armor or cover its the best thing deamons have )

I do like big squads of letters considering some might do but you can do without the instrument and fury on them. they are strength five on the charge so it saves yous some points

flesh hounds are ok ( they are hit and miss with me) but they don't need fury considering karanak himself has that. but they need the big number since they don't have pw or anything

the grinder can do without the tongue. he should really be dropping the pie on people. plus BS 3 will miss half the time

other than that pretty nice list
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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