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What the flying pig? People discouraging against bolt?
Take as much armor-popping in the shooting phase as you can. It allows you to get into the sweet gubbins inside in the assault phase - where you want to be. You do not want to pop a vehicle in the assault phase, only to be rapid fired away in their turn. You want something valuable taken with you, at least.

That said, You could easily drop a couple of upgrades on the bloodthirster. I'd keep it to just having Unholy Might.

Instead of Skulltaker, consider two heralds of Tzeentch with bolt and chariot.

Flamers should only be minimum size with bolt. Yes, breath is better against AV14, but seriously, that's what the bloodthirster is for if you ever get there. We have no melta, so we don't shoot AV14. You want the amounts of bolts for Rhinoes and Chimeraes. A breath can't pen those.

Now, I am not familiar with using Bloodletters, as I deem them inferior to plaguebearers in the troop options - but that is for how I play the Daemons army, so do not pay to much heed to that.

Considering you want the bloodletters into assault, I would consider only having around 12 or 10 of them in a unit. You generally want to finish off a unit in THEIR assault phase, negating their shooting face (which is what really blows you away.) That said, a third unit would be good. Perhaps a plaguebearer squad to hold down some objectives in cover far away for a 3+ cover + fnp.

The flesh hounds, I would consider dropping them down a fair bit in number. Maybe 5-6.

Soul grinder should only have one upgrade, and it should be tongue out of those two. One weapon destroyed would take out both.

As for the waves, you should never try to balance them out. It will never work then. The army is random, so you better pray to the Gods that they give you your chosen wave.

Now, it can always be tailored per game - but the drop I would use is this:

Thirster, Flamers, Hounds, Grinder.

You want your big meanies down first, and causing havoc - since they are "guarranteed" to enter.
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