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So I inherited a bunch of Tau (a friend moved), and I have a few bits and pieces lying around that I bought because I thought they looked cool - since there's a new ruleset and my usual opponent is also trying a new army, I thought I'd give a shot at playing Tau. In terms of what I've actually got to work with, in addition to what's below I've got a few more fire warriors, a few more kroot, an extra devilfish, another 3 stealthsuits and another 4 crisis suits (1 is burst cannon and plasma rifle, 3 are unassembled - haven't decided on loadout) and a broadside.

Hunter Contingent 1369

Commander in “enforcer” battlesuit – cyclic ion blaster, airburst fragmentation projector, advanced targeting system, drone controller, repulsor impact field, 2 gun drones

2 Crisis Bodyguards – burst cannon, plasma rifle, advanced targeting system, 4 gun drones


Breacher Team (9 + shas’ui), devilfish, guardian drone, EMP grenades

Strike Team (11 + Shas’ui), turret with smart missiles

kroot carnivores (15) with sniper rifles

Riptide with ion accelerator, drone controller, velocity tracker, 2 shielded missile drones

2 pathfinder teams (5 pathfinders, including 1 rail rifle in each unit)

Hammerhead with rail gun and submunitions

Optimized strealth Cadre 380

2 stealth teams (each has 2 burst cannon and counterfire defense system, 1 fusion blaster and target lock)

Ghostkeel with ion raker, twin linked fusion blaster, velocity tracker

Commander is with body guards (so that’s 6 gun drones at BS5)

Fireblade is with groundpounding strike team.

Probable enemies are Eldar.

I presume that I'm doing it wrong in some respect, and would appreciate advice.
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