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Hi, GW came in with the Brother vs Brother event, not a huge event just a battle to showcase apocalipse.

Basicly the oark codex leaked is almost exactly the same as the real one. Some minior changes to shooting i am told. The leaked copy was from copies released from a play testing. As a result of this GW will no longer play test as everytime they do so externally it is leaked. Aso the leaked copy was watermarked so they do know who did it.

For the new rules no word, they are aware of the rumors but have found out nothing. They are sceptical. they seem well informed, one guy said he had the apocalips book in march(it changed from the one he had slightly)

Also would not conferm what was comming up stating they could not say. But he hinted at eldar...

Other thing learned...

Land raiders are tough...bunch on the board all with lass cannons....out of 6 4 of them spent 80% of the game imbolized though.

Foot slogging termie don't make it far.

For a tech savvey chapter salamaders need new tech priests...poor aiming land raiders, failed terrain checks for tanks whirlwinds scattering onto our own guys and lost of plasma explosions...running joke shooting wasn't over till 6 salamanders died from shooting in there turn.

Orbital bombardmant is mean on clustered troops if used early...especially lower save one....we killed 19SM with one...when they used it on my salamander terminaters they killed 2.

Vortex grenades are fantastic on fast movers.....crapy on slow expesive units.
Also one vortex killed some salamanders then back fired and killed his assault squad.

Don't try to tank shock squads with a power fist with a rhino.....(hey never played SM...those PF are mean)

Powerfists are mean to dreads.

Dreads are mean

Sm really don't care about cover saves...only los

SM vs SM is kinda boring....all the weapons are the same...tactics are limited

Those whirlwind squads w/ spotter destroyed a lot of guys....take out that speeder...

Pinning is harsh.....blood ravens in cover got pinned and then got assulted...

Game out come...

Salamanders vs blood ravens.

I was salamanders and there was 2 tables pushed together.
On my table we out numbered the blood ravens and on the other we where out numbered....each side had three objectives.

For our side we ended up bottoling up his HQ(lots of points) by imobalizing there transport, and destroying a rhino effectivly blocking there exit....they stayed there all game. We swung around the side that was now un populated since there HQ was on the flank.....on the other side of out tabble his assault marines moved forwarded but where eventually wiped out. mass casualties on both side.

We held 3 objectives.

the other table went well as the side of the table near the other table held the squad that got pinned..so after they where assaulted the marines that assulted converged on the objective.
Everything else the salamanders had went for the center objective....we manged to hold it as they went mainly for the other one as we got the first squad there and they had to spend turns removing a very stuborn squad....also turn 2 we orbitalled them...that hurt. Also the whirlwinds(on our table) where hitting there troops on that table as thats where we needed more help.

The last objective was help by the blood ravens....except for the fact that a vortex grenade ate it....

So salamanders won hands down holding 5/6 objectives with the blood ravens holding nothing...

Thoughi am told the blood ravens have been winning most of the games.

Should also not there more experiansed players where on the table where they where out numbered and got unlucky with there HQ getting stuck untill the last turn when a assault squad charged in for fun.
On the other side the pinned squad let the salamanders charge in un opposed...and once they took the objective they where in cover and no one went after them. Bombardment and the vortex sealed the deal.
I had a vortex but it was on a terminator(we did not get to pick) and he never used it....he never got in range of the land raider that was the only real target....and if he could vortex it he could have just charged it and not risk losing his squad.

So IMO it should go on something fast and cheap that usually makes it to the foe.
Although i gota say the only thing i pan to have is rough riders and thats a fairly obvouse tactic.

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Sounds like a ton of fun was had. I am jealous as I have yet to get to try Apoc.
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