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Such is the might of Lysander. If you move the LRC forward and fire which ever weapons you can at a certain target, then have 10 Sternguard + Lysander disembark, and as above, open fire with Rapid Fire, re-rolling 'to hits' (Bolter Drill), and then adding if you used Special Ammunition :shok:

That's a seriously hard hitting set-up, good for SC/IC hunting :victory:
If your using it for IC hunting that's serious overkill, like I just spent a good 700 points to kill something that is probably in the 100-150 range. Kill full squads with it and you might be talking, also for Ic's yu could just insta kill them with the multimelta on the crusader.

@ OP

Single raiders and assault marines are both not very effective, raiders because they need the list to work for them, ASM because they just don't have the oomph to kill anything you couldn't kill better by shooting. Are you going to take my word for it or do you want me to elaborate?
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