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Hey guys, just started my army a few months ago and am wanting to expand it this Christmas holiday so before i order i just wanted to know whether you guys think it'll be substantial for most games and if i should make some changes.

Asurmen 230

Farseer 165
-Runes of Warding
-Spirit Stones

Warlocks (5) 207
-Spirit Seer
-Singing Spear (2)
-Destructor (2)

Fire Dragons (6) 131
-Exarch w/ Fire Pike, Tank Hunters

Howling Banshees (6) 123
-Exarch w/ Executioner, War Shout

Wave Serpant 125
-Scatter Laser T/L
-Spirit Stones

Wave Serpant 145
-Bright Lance T/L
-Spirit Stones

Dire Avengers (10) 162
-Exarch w/ Power Weapon and Simmer Shield,

Gardians (10) 140
-Missile Launcher

Storm Gardians (10) 92
-Flamer (2)

Rangers (5) 120

Falcon 190
Shuriken Cannon
-Scatter Laser
-Spirit Stones
-Halo Fields

Wraithlord 130
-Star Cannon
-Wraith Sword

War Walker 65
-Shuriken Cannon
-Bright Lance

Army Total 1830

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Ok, dropped a couple of units and have 170 points to use, on what, i dont know, maby a war walker, or a decent sized squad of wraithlords and a few more rangers. The units in bold i have already brought and are finished so i cant drop them. I also want to keep my army as alaitoc as possible thats why i didn't include Elrad. I could probably drop the seer counsel, but they do look cool and I'd need a spirit seer for my wraithlord and my wraithgaurd if i get them. I dont know, I'm really inexperienced, I've only been playing for a few months so any help is appreciated.
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