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I have to get to work, so I won't go through your whole post, but some quick points:

Your current list has three HQ slots taken up; Asurmen and the two Farseers. You're only allowed two. I agree with the previous poster; drop both farseers, take Eldrad.
I don't think the on-foot seer council is worth it either.

Presuming that you drop that stuff and save points, I advise the following: keep to a central core of units in wave serpents. Pathfinders are good, probably have around 7 of them. I'd drop all the Guardians in favour of units of Dire Avengers. Bulk up all your remaining squads except your fire dragons; for them, drop the exarch and get a second squad, also in a wave serpent.
Your Heavy Support basically needs to agree with itself more. If one War Walker outflanks, one Wraithlord heads up the field and one Falcon hangs back firing, your opponent will have a perfect range of targets to practice his various strengths of fire on. You instead want a lot of war walkers or a lot of wraithlords (not recommended at this points level) or tanks. Personally, I pick tanks. Shove in two Fire Prisms, laugh.
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