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This is my fist list for 6th Ed, been away for a while and thought that I would get back into the game with chaos.


Lord- terminator armour, black mace – 150pts


Hellbrute- reaper autocannon, fist -110pts

Terminators- x5, reaper autocannon, 2*power fist, 2*power weapon, chainfist, combi flamer, combi melta – 218pts


Cultists- x10- 50pts

Chaos Space Marine- x10, 2*plasma, power fist, rhino - 230pts

Chaos Space Marine- x10, 2*melta, power fist, rhino - 220pts

Fast Attack

Raptors- x5, 2*flamer, power weapon - 120pts

Heavy Support

Forgefiend- 3 ectoplasma cannons -200pts

Forgefiend- 3 ectoplasma cannons -200pts

Total - 1498 pts
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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