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TL flamer lets you re-roll wounds

I think running a horde SM list isn't that good of an idea... You can pack a lot more firepower into your list and still have Shrike go break face.

If I were going to run Shrike, it would look something like this....

10 Vanguard Vets (5 BP, CS, Melta bombs, 3 PW and SS, 1 Plasma Pistol Melta bomb, Sgt with Relic blade and Storm shield)
3 Rifleman Dreads
3 Autolas Predators
2 5 man tac squads in Razorbacks with TL Las or Las/plas
2 Scout squads with Sniper, Camo cloaks and ML

8 Ranged threats, 4 scoring units, and the big Shrike Rock

If you go first, Shrike infiltrates and you launch a Turn 1 assault (remember, you're fleet) If you go second, then you can either hide him or DS him (w/ heroic intervention)

You'll notice I've gone cheap on everything but Shrike and his buddys... that's to preserve my ability to crank out firepower... Which seems a little on the low end to me... but I normally play 2K.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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