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First game of X Wing this Saturday. Questions on potential list.

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So after many false starts due to one thing or another, this Sat will be my first game of X Wing. Having split two starter sets with a mate I will have available two X Wings and an E Wing I bought on impulse last week. I haven't even gotten a hold of the rule book or x wings yet, (he'll bring them along on Sat) so my mate threw a list together and mentioned something about having Luke Skywalker and and Biggs Darklighter in the x wings, plus the E Wing.

So, good list, bad list? I'm not too pushed as I always write off the first ten games of a new system as tutorials for learning the rules, but it's nice to have some advanced knowledge of what I'll be using. Thanks in advance.
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But I guarantee one thing, you will love the game
Good stuff. Some of the group took the plunge into the Star Trek version, and I played a game or two, but I held off buying anything as I'll always go for Wars over Trek. I just had to wait for someone else to join me on this side of the line.
Some essential reading. The four 'golden rules' at the beginning are particularly important.
Try this to play with squads and upgrades. http://xwing-builder.co.uk/build
Excellent links, thanks guys.
So, after many a false start and crossed wire, I finally got a proper game played this evening, my Rebels versus a Howlrunner tie swarm with Lambda(?) shuttle. Very fun game that even feature Luke going up against Darth Vader, and losing. Due to only having access to three ships, I had a very elite list, with Luke and Biggs Darklighter in X-Wings, and Corran Horn in an E-Wing. Luke and Biggs were ok, but Horn was the star. He killed two ties, including Howlrunner, and the shuttle before finally succumbing to the massed fire of the rest of the ties. My first conclusion is that I need a couple more ships in the list. There were just too many enemy ships to be able to concentrate the fire of my three. Looking forward to the next game.

My list, thrown together on the spot. Was not familiar enough with Biggs skill to keep him close to Luke or Corran, but it's about the learning for now.

Closing in for the kill.

The swirl of battle.

Father and son face off.
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So no love for E Wings? I know they are points heavy, but Horn performed brilliantly, and the barrel roll got me out of trouble or into a firing arc quite a bit.
Got a big this Saturday, and while I have enjoyed running the small elite list mentioned above, I decided I needed a couple more ships just for variety. We're also thinking of going to 150 pts for the game just so we can get more ships on the board to simulate a battle similar to the films. We have the whole day to kill, so there's no time scale to get the game done.


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A-Wings make me cry.....
In a good or bad way? How should I play it?
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