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First game of X Wing this Saturday. Questions on potential list.

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So after many false starts due to one thing or another, this Sat will be my first game of X Wing. Having split two starter sets with a mate I will have available two X Wings and an E Wing I bought on impulse last week. I haven't even gotten a hold of the rule book or x wings yet, (he'll bring them along on Sat) so my mate threw a list together and mentioned something about having Luke Skywalker and and Biggs Darklighter in the x wings, plus the E Wing.

So, good list, bad list? I'm not too pushed as I always write off the first ten games of a new system as tutorials for learning the rules, but it's nice to have some advanced knowledge of what I'll be using. Thanks in advance.
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Skywalker with Marksmanship and R2D2 is a pretty amazing ship. Luke gets the free 'shift a dice from focus to evade' as was mentioned, plus Marksmanship allows you to change one focus to a critical hit, and any other focus results to hits on the attack. R2D2 allows you to regenerate one shield for every green maneuver you make, a great moment when you shed stress, regain a shield, and fire on someone point blank that thought they had you. Now that I'm checking out Biggs though, it might be worth dropping R2 with him since if you can keep close quarters on Luke you'll be taking more shots thanks to hit pilot ability.

E-Wings I have no experience with, they look pretty boss though. Shields over Hull Points every day, and those are pretty nice action and upgrade bars.
Just to add to the links of joy:

Here's a card list by expansion that you can get all the card graphics you can ever want from.
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^ No worries, I just wish it has the Scum and Villainy cards too.
They've done a great job of fixing the TIE advanced
What do you mean by this, them adding in the Title card that basically allows it a free System upgrade?
TIE phantom has finally been nerfed! Huzza! End of an era!
The Activation Phase for each ship begins with revealing your maneuver dial, so if you Decloak you're still doing it before you reveal your dial. This is no different than how I have been playing a Phantom, forgive me for asking you to explain another thing but how is this a nerf? You still Decloak when it comes time for that ship to begin its Activation Phase, and it still happens before you reveal your dial.

The only difference I can see is that now if there's anything other than Decloaking that happens at the beginning of the Activation Phase it gets resolved first. If that's a huge difference then I don't know why at all.
Are they trying to say it goes like this instead?
It would have to say something like 'during the activation phase but before preforming actions', no?

It really just looks like any pilot or upgrade card abilities get taken care of before any cloaked ships get the opportunity to do such a thing should such a conflict of order arise.
^ Barrel Roll is a great action, and my buddy's E-Wing is a terror. Trick is just the cost, as you pointed out. You could almost take three Bandit Pilots for just the base cost of Corran Horn, I guess it all just comes down to your play style. I don't see me choosing it over a YT-2400 any day of the week. That ship is supremely maneuverable for its base size.

@Sethis thanks for clearing that up....yet again! Sure is a big change for the Phantom. :drinks:
I like A-Wings, to me they're like Z-95s but faster. Wouldn't be playing them without the Chardaan Refit and A-Wing Test Pilot cards as much though, that's for sure.
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