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First game of X Wing this Saturday. Questions on potential list.

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So after many false starts due to one thing or another, this Sat will be my first game of X Wing. Having split two starter sets with a mate I will have available two X Wings and an E Wing I bought on impulse last week. I haven't even gotten a hold of the rule book or x wings yet, (he'll bring them along on Sat) so my mate threw a list together and mentioned something about having Luke Skywalker and and Biggs Darklighter in the x wings, plus the E Wing.

So, good list, bad list? I'm not too pushed as I always write off the first ten games of a new system as tutorials for learning the rules, but it's nice to have some advanced knowledge of what I'll be using. Thanks in advance.
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I think for the first 5-10 games, like you said, it won't be about the lists but more the mechanics and gameplay and getting used to how individual ships function.

Learning the different movement, strengths and weaknesses of the ships comes naturally with learning the core mechanics of the game. You'll actually grasp the game in about 30 minutes easily.

I'm not a massive Rebel player but you'll find Biggs in a lot of lists as his ability means that he has to be targeted at range one rather than other rebel ships.

Luke's ability is that he can use one focus roll as an evade (a latent action that X Wing's don't have) Equip him with R2-D2 and he becomes quite beastly. X Wings are more durable than TIE Fighters and have shields but aren't as manoeuverable.

I have only used my E-Wing once and its a bit of a tank with some good named pilots and upgrades. Once you start flying the ships, you get a feel of how best to operate them, what their movement dials are like and what their limitations are.

But I guarantee one thing, you will love the game :)
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I've always ran my Phantoms as;

Decloak - move
Shoot (recloak with ACD if equipped)
End phase and tidy up.

I'm with @Fallen on this.
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