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First game of X Wing this Saturday. Questions on potential list.

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So after many false starts due to one thing or another, this Sat will be my first game of X Wing. Having split two starter sets with a mate I will have available two X Wings and an E Wing I bought on impulse last week. I haven't even gotten a hold of the rule book or x wings yet, (he'll bring them along on Sat) so my mate threw a list together and mentioned something about having Luke Skywalker and and Biggs Darklighter in the x wings, plus the E Wing.

So, good list, bad list? I'm not too pushed as I always write off the first ten games of a new system as tutorials for learning the rules, but it's nice to have some advanced knowledge of what I'll be using. Thanks in advance.
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Late to the party, that's me :laugh:

E-Wings are pretty expensive for what you get really. Although Corran Horn's ability is something nifty to pull out of your sleeve when you really need to blat something hard. Trouble is, you're limited by not being able to fire in the next turn.
Etahn is handy to have near your other ships due to being able to change one hit over to a critical. Plus, with that being his card ability it doesn't cost you the chance to take an action. Handy! :good:

In short regarding E-Wings, I'd take a named pilot as the prices for the Knave and Blackmoon Sqd pilots are a tad silly :)

Regarding X-Wings, I can't add anything else to what's been said. They are a good solid ship to have, and yeah, Biggs is very(!) handy to have! :good:
Just to add to the links of joy:

Here's a card list by expansion that you can get all the card graphics you can ever want from.

Squadron Builder is down so you just saved me from having to get all my fecking cards out to price a list I built off the top of my head at work earlier :good:
Ssh! Don't mention S&V, It takes ages to calm @Logaan down again.....
Oh, I don't know.

My better amounts of success has been with a Gray Y, two Red X and Biggs :good:
Your list alone isn't everything in X-wing. It also depends on how well you list counters you opponent's and obviously how good a player you are. I suspect one or both of those factors are in your favour. :good:
I'd say I'm about average :)

I think just granting a Title card of "Rogue" Squadron" that simply allows a Lvl 4 pilot to have a medal option.
I'd be all over that like Gary Glitter on a parents evening!
E-Wings can fuck right off at their current points cost :laugh:
A-Wings make me cry.....
In a good or bad way? How should I play it?
I find them way too brittle to be useful. But that's just me.....
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