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Warlocks aren't independent characters, and the minimum squad size for them is 3. So you can't split them up OR stick them in with the DA's. I'm guessing the point of the conceals was to get cover saves on your DA's...nice try. Man, I wish.
I'm gonna say that the vypers with bl's are a trap. You might field them with scatter lasers (and possibly added shuriken cannons), but I don't think any other way.

Some aspects of the list are also a bit of a waste. F'rinstance, double Dooming Farseers. In many situations, you'll be firing at the same target. So you can switch one Doom to guide, or something else.
I also think the star engines on the prisms are a bit of a waste. They do let you do some really cool things, but you can already move 24" a turn. Spirit stones or shuriken cannons are probably better.

I don't like the Harlequins in this list, I don't think they work. They're a tricky enough unit already, and they've got too much on their plate in this list.
I'd drop the vypers and harlequins, shove in a squad of 6 fire dragons in a wave serpent, and then i'd think about my options.

-drop one of the farseers, or drop both and take eldrad
-use points to upgrade the guns on the DA transports to brightlances, or scatter lasers with added shuriken cannons.
-warlock for the jetbike squad? Probably has a spear for 'throwing and then running away', the Eldar teenager game.
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