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First Defeat, and it Hurt

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I have been at my gaming club for 6 months now and I have always played Eldar, I always won fairly easily. I got bored of being unbeaten so I swapped my Eldar for Space Marines, which I have some experience with 5th edition.

My first game using them was yesterday and I got beat and I got beat bad!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are space marines that rubbish or are Eldar over powered?

The dice were not in my favour but I won't use that as an excuse.

How do other people find marines in 7th when compared to other races out there?
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That's the feeling I got, Eldar are quite easy to get right. But I suppose the Marine victories are more rewarding... And I do love a challenge :)
From a gaming point of view, that "all comers" squad is wasting half of its potential.
I think you hit the nail on the head with Marines, from a fluff point of view, they are a very flexible unit but in reality that versatility means nothing when you can only shoot at one target.

Most armies give you the option to be field lots of units (hordes) like nids and orks or on the other scale you have a very elite list like Chaos or Grey Knights. With this you can make your horde or elites shooty of fighty

with marines I feel you are jack of all trades but master of none...
Thus far for me, my Scouts (which I failed to previously mention are 5 man Sniper/Missile units) have given me far better wins than my Tactical Squads have done in my past 10+ games in the month or move I've been playing on a regular basis. That would be why I put the IMHO after the "Tactical Squads are dead". I personally can't see spending points on them any longer while my current set up is working rather well.
Funnily enough I've just created a new list for my second bout at my gaming club. My tactical squad as halved and my scouts have doubled in numbers, i even considered dropping the tactical marines. I can see my tactical squad gathering dust with 7th
By the emperor I won!
Second game and tabled them, with ease...
Learned how to use the army properly and I did much better, although my opponent made lots of poor judgements. I still feel they are weaker and against and equal opponent they wouldn't of done as well.

Still not convinced with marines though, but as I've learned today, it's not so much your army it's the general your facing. I'm sure someone must have a devine quote for this?
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