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First Defeat, and it Hurt

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I have been at my gaming club for 6 months now and I have always played Eldar, I always won fairly easily. I got bored of being unbeaten so I swapped my Eldar for Space Marines, which I have some experience with 5th edition.

My first game using them was yesterday and I got beat and I got beat bad!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are space marines that rubbish or are Eldar over powered?

The dice were not in my favour but I won't use that as an excuse.

How do other people find marines in 7th when compared to other races out there?
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Given the "any unit is scoring"rulesl that's available these days, the Tactical Squad, IMHO, is dead. In my games I've noticed that my Scouts are serving a far better role due to their abilities to move in and around the table at the start of the game and my Veteran units like Sternguard & Vanguard are moping the floors wherever they go. Vanguard units with Kantor having joined them are a problem with the attacks in CC they're producing(on the charge) and Sternguard are a ranged Swiss Army Knife of Special Issue Ammo and Combis. Not to mention I'm usually getting my units in range by way of Drop Pods in low point games and Landraiders in higher ones.
Eldar and most other armies are an issue for the Tactical squad, but, they're hardly the only unit worth taking
Thus far for me, my Scouts (which I failed to previously mention are 5 man Sniper/Missile units) have given me far better wins than my Tactical Squads have done in my past 10+ games in the month or move I've been playing on a regular basis. That would be why I put the IMHO after the "Tactical Squads are dead". I personally can't see spending points on them any longer while my current set up is working rather well.
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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