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First Defeat, and it Hurt

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I have been at my gaming club for 6 months now and I have always played Eldar, I always won fairly easily. I got bored of being unbeaten so I swapped my Eldar for Space Marines, which I have some experience with 5th edition.

My first game using them was yesterday and I got beat and I got beat bad!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are space marines that rubbish or are Eldar over powered?

The dice were not in my favour but I won't use that as an excuse.

How do other people find marines in 7th when compared to other races out there?
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Now, compare that to Eldar, who have units who are dedicated to anti-infantry - either as Dark Reapers, or Warp Spiders with Rending S6 Assault 2 and a Teleport to get close.
But bear in mind that those Warp Spiders have a rule that specifically makes them S7 against tank (or low-I) enemies--meaning they also excel in the role of light anti-tank. And it's not just that they have a teleport, but also Battle Focus--not only are they better at shooting than a normal infantry squad, they're also 3-4x as fast. And they have 3+ armor, like Marines, so practically their only downsides are the 1 lower Toughness and that they don't have ATSKNF. For roughly the same cost.

Given the "any unit is scoring"rulesl that's available these days, the Tactical Squad, IMHO, is dead.
I've seen a compelling argument that with Rhinos and Combat Squads, you have 3 Objective Secured scoring units there that mean opponents have to split their fire to a number of different targets--if they're running a list reliant on a few MCs or a Deathstar, or something, they won't be able to drag all those units off of objectives too easily, especially in a Maelstrom mission where you can be scoring points all game, rather than having to hold out until the very end.

...still, none of those 3 OS units are very tough.
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