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Despite what everyone says, screamers are actually worth something. They make good tank hunting and contesting uints should you play objectives. When you look at the codex you'll find screamers are the fastest daemons in the codex. They're also the only dedicated tank hunters of the army. Everything else has anti-tank capabilities but the trait is only secondary (except for soul grinders). Anyone saying they're COMPLETELY useless just hasn't used them.

Besides that let me just say the things that will be said on EVERY chaos daemon thread

Soul grinders come in either 2's or 3's. 1 is a lonely number

Nurgle princes and shooty tzeentch princes are great combat princes

furies suck

Changeling is a must for horrors

Bloodthirster with unholy might and blessing of the blood god is a must if you run one

skar'brand is taboo. He'll hurt just as much as he helps

The fateweaver is a great unit to have in certain situations (you'd have to have to some love for lords of change prior however to think so)

Multiple chariots of tzeentch own all

flamers are great

Lords of change while great to use in fun or annoy your opponent armies are dispised by power players

Bloodletters and daemonettes need to be in large units to live

Epidemius is only for mono-nurgle armies and very good but Ku'gath is only a step above normal GUO's.

Fiends are arguably the best units in the daemon army

if none of these things are said in a daemon forum they aren't talking about chaos daemons.
21 - 22 of 22 Posts