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Hey guys,

I've not played Fantasy for about 12 years and recently decided to get back in to it.

Have decided to play Empire and have been playing around with army lists, I think this should be quite a balanced list, but need imput from experienced players.

The army is gonna be a Middenheim force, so there's going to be a couple of counts-as in the army (Middenheimers dislike powder weapons, hence substituting the artillery models.)

The Empire - 2,000 points.


Ar-Ulric (Counts as Arch Lector) (accompanies Greatswords)
- Sword of Sigismund, Dawn Armour.
points: 205

Wizard Lord
- Level 4, Rod of Power.
points: 240

Bearer of the Banner of Ulric (Counts as Captain of the Empire (accompanies Greatswords.)
- Battle Standard, Full Plate Armour.
points: 83

Priest of Ulric (Counts as Warrior Priest) (accompanies Halberdiers.)
- Additional Hand Weapon, Heavy Armour.
points: 96

Priest of Ulric (Counts as Warrior Priest) (accompanies Knights.)
- Great Weapon, Barded Warhorse, Heavy Armour.
points: 108

Battle Wizard
- Level 2, Seal of Destruction.
points: 145

Halberdiers (fights in 5 ranks of 7, with Warrior Priest.)
- 35 Halberdiers, Sergeant, Standard Bearer, Musician.
points: 195

- 16 Crossbowmen
points: 128

Knights of the White Wolf (fights in 2 ranks of 5, with mounted Warrior Priest.)
- 9 Knights of the White Wolf, Preceptor, Standard Bearer with Banner of Swiftness, Musician.
points: 262

Teutogen Guard (Counts as Greatswords) (fights in 5 ranks of 7, with Battle Stanard Bearer and Arch Lector.)
- 33 Greatswords, Count's Champion, Standard Bearer, Musician.
points: 360

Ballista (Counts as Great Cannon)
points: 100

Trebuchet (Counts as Mortar)
points: 75


Looking for comments and advice.
Many thanks,

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Depends a little too much on the magic phase going well here, I think. Change the Arch-lector to a General of the empire, and change a warrior priest to a Captain with the Crown of Command. It makes the Knights Stubborn, which you may well need with that small a unit.

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I disagree with Creon, I would keep the Arch-Lector and Warrior Priest for their magic defense and combat boosting abilities. I would suggest lowering the number of Greatswords so you can put in an attachment or two for the Greatsword, Halberdiers, or even the Crossbowmen (to act as a last ditch speed bump/redirector before the Xbows or warmachines).
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