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I don't think that it is Worth waiting for something officially specific regarding the Company of Misery (even if, with the current rate of new formations appearances, who knows ?).

I have just read the known background of the Company of Misery : they are not related to a specific Chaos god, but the gene-seed degradation and the acidic swamps in which they have finally been turned could both bear the mark of Nurgle.

This path could link to something like (waiting for a likely future "Nurgle Daemonkin" codex) :

- A Chaos warband lead by a Lord, Sorcerer or Daemon Prince with the Mark of Nurgle (standard CSM codex, or Crimson Slaughter, depending on the units that you like), allied to a (principally) Nurgle Daemons detachment,

- Plague Marines, Terminators, Havocs or Marines marked by Nurgle,

- Standard CSM vehicles (maybe some possessed ones), Daemonic engines (Heldrakes, Fiends, Defilers) and Obliterators/Mutilators if they have contacts with the Dark Mechanicum,

- A lot of beasts (CSM Chaos Spawn - very efficient with the mark of Nurgle - and Daemon Beasts of Nurgle),

- Plague Drones for Fast Attack, Nurglings or Plague Bearers, Soulgrinder, Great Unclean One, Flying Daemon Prince, ... depending on what you like.

My choice for 1500-1700 points (maybe a bit higher) :

- HQ : Flying Nurgle Daemon Prince (psyker 2), Great Unclean One (Daemon allies, psyker 2)

- Troops : 2* Plague Marines in Rhinos, Plague Bearers (Daemon allies)

- Elites : Beasts of Nurgle (Daemon allies)

- Fast Attack : Nurgle Chaos Spawns, Plague Drones (Daemon allies)

- Heavy : Vindicator or Predator, Nurgle Soulgrinder (Daemon allies)
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