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Hey all,

Just getting started with 40k, and I have been stressing for almost two weeks now about what I want to play. I don't have a ton of money to just keep restarting armies, so I'd like for this first one to be something I'll have fun with for a while. My initial idea was to have a CSM army with a few Daemon units -- I was thinking the typical movie/book trope army where an army of men (more or less) have control over a handful of beasts. I was told repeatedly that that wouldn't be good, hence why I've been stressing. Today, I've basically said forget it, I'm doing it. So starting from scratch, I need as much help as people are willing to give to make it the best that it is able to be.

Things I'm looking for in the army:
Mostly or at least half CSM-type units (if there is some way of incorporating Company of Misery, they're probably my favorite, but I don't think there has been anything made for them yet)
No motorcycles, any other vehicle is fine
I would like to incorporate and take advantage of Gift of Chaos and/or Boon of Mutation as much as possible.
1500-1750 points

I don't know if this type of post is allowed or not, since I do not have a proper starting list, but I hope so. This is what I want to play, even if it won't be competitive. I just need help figuring out exactly how this list might be made up. Thanks in advance.

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Khorne Daemonkin incorporate CSM's and Daemons in the same army! That would work well for you, although, there is no Boon/Gifts of Mutation in this Codex, but there is the coolness of being able to summon daemons and have Champions of your army turn into Daemon Princes or Bloodthirsters.

I've played several games with them and I really enjoy them, and haven't used any bikers yet. (But they do work REALLY well in this army!). Look into them, you might like what you see.

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I don't think that it is Worth waiting for something officially specific regarding the Company of Misery (even if, with the current rate of new formations appearances, who knows ?).

I have just read the known background of the Company of Misery : they are not related to a specific Chaos god, but the gene-seed degradation and the acidic swamps in which they have finally been turned could both bear the mark of Nurgle.

This path could link to something like (waiting for a likely future "Nurgle Daemonkin" codex) :

- A Chaos warband lead by a Lord, Sorcerer or Daemon Prince with the Mark of Nurgle (standard CSM codex, or Crimson Slaughter, depending on the units that you like), allied to a (principally) Nurgle Daemons detachment,

- Plague Marines, Terminators, Havocs or Marines marked by Nurgle,

- Standard CSM vehicles (maybe some possessed ones), Daemonic engines (Heldrakes, Fiends, Defilers) and Obliterators/Mutilators if they have contacts with the Dark Mechanicum,

- A lot of beasts (CSM Chaos Spawn - very efficient with the mark of Nurgle - and Daemon Beasts of Nurgle),

- Plague Drones for Fast Attack, Nurglings or Plague Bearers, Soulgrinder, Great Unclean One, Flying Daemon Prince, ... depending on what you like.

My choice for 1500-1700 points (maybe a bit higher) :

- HQ : Flying Nurgle Daemon Prince (psyker 2), Great Unclean One (Daemon allies, psyker 2)

- Troops : 2* Plague Marines in Rhinos, Plague Bearers (Daemon allies)

- Elites : Beasts of Nurgle (Daemon allies)

- Fast Attack : Nurgle Chaos Spawns, Plague Drones (Daemon allies)

- Heavy : Vindicator or Predator, Nurgle Soulgrinder (Daemon allies)
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