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First Army List Attempt

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So, I'll be playing against an Eldar player (most likely at 750 pts since neither of us has played in years). He is pretty competitive but probably won't bring his "A" game since he's rusty and he knows I have only played twice and both times were years ago. So, I'd like to be somewhat competitive. So, here goes:

BT chapter tactics
High Marshall Helbrecht - 180

5x Scouts (camo cloaks, teleport homer) - 70
10x Crusade Squad (Sword brother with power sword, Rhino w/ Storm Bolter) - 200

5x Assault Terminators - 175

Fast Attack
Stormtalon (TL lascannon) - 125

Total 750

It's not very shooty, which is in part to play to the BT strengths and in part because against Eldar I'm outgunned anyway. This might be a bad idea, though.

So, I picked Helbrecht just because he looks like a hell of a beatstick. He is a lot of points for this size army, though. Might make him a captain or chaplain instead.

The scouts are just supposed to get close enough for the terminators to deep strike. Might not be feasible against Eldar. Open to suggestions.

The crusaders I guess will try to take an objective or just give him something to worry about.

The Stormtalon is there because it looks so good to me on paper. I'm itching to see it in action. It might suck a lot more than I expect (with low armor and HP, it could go down right away from regular joes shooting at it if he's lucky in the rolls, it seems like), but I am hoping its mobility will keep it alive while it chews up valuable units from afar.

Like I said, though, I don't have a very good idea what I'm doing, so please give critiques/suggestions!
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don't many events forbid named characters in such small games?
i would swap him down for a max 2 wound not-so-special character,
maybe a chaplain.
add something cheap but nifty...
from my collection,
split the squad, add another rhino,
and/or add a skimmer.
events maybe, but considering this seems like a simple 1 VS 1 arranged game there are no rules against it.

on the list.

splitting the squad and adding an extra rhino might be an idea. the stormtalon can be worth it but is most effective in squadrons/multiples.
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