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Hey all.
Seeking advice on a first Dark Elf Army. I'm relativly new to Druchii and am starting off with a 1k point list. This 1k army is supposed to go against another 1k army. The opponent will almost certainly be Ogres.

Here is my first go at a list. Notes later

Dreadlord: Sea Dragon cloak, Shield, Blood Armor, Heart seeker. 205

Heroes :
Sorcress. lvl 2: Sacrificial Dagger, guiding eye: 185
Master: BSB. Heavy armor, shield. Sea Dragon Cloak. Banner or Murder: 140

Core :
Spearmen: shields. 26 (BSB and lord will go here) 182
Repeating Crossbow men: shields. 13 = 91 (sorc will go here)

Rare :
Repeating Crossbow bolt throwers: x2. 200

total 1004

My lines seem THIN. even for 1k.
I'd like to cut one of the Heroes/ lords out and add another unit. But the fact that the Sorc can't be the general with her lower ldr and the general can't be the BSB.
Is a BSB necessary at this point lvl? If it wasn't I could add maybe another unit of spearmen or at add some CoK for variety.

any advice would help.
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