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A few of my friends and myself have been building up armies towards 1500 points. While this process has been going on, I've played in a number of team games, however recently I had my first 1v1 1500 point game. I felt like this occasion (and the fact that I won) deserved a write up. It was suppose to be a capture point game, but we sort of forgot to set up points before we deployed, so it became a kill point game.

The Tyranid player goes first. He deploys a squad of termagaunts, a hive tyrant with guard, 3 warriors and a zoanthrope; Genestealers, Doom, a hormagaunt squad and what I believe is a trygon reserve for deepstrikes.

I end up with a set of ruins in my deployment zone, which initially I think is fantastic for my lootas however, because of the strange shape of the ruins and the fact that I take two squads of 10, Only one squad can shoot out without providing cover to the enemy (ie. be less than two inches from the outside of the ruins). Regardless, two sets of lootas go into the ruins, one with a big mek carrying a SAG. 9 Killa kanz are deployed onto the field, two sets with rokkits and one set with grotzookas. One rokkit squad of kanz and the grotzookas are deployed to the left of the ruins, the other rokkit squad is deployed to the right. 3 squads of boyz are deployed to the field as well, one containing a big mek with KFF. One squad is off behind the kanz on the right side of the ruins (pretty much on the edge of the board), the big mek squad goes behind the other 6 kanz and the last squad is off to the left of the kanz with a forest between them and the Tyranids. Deploying ork foot sloggers is hard work; the table is a little short so the deployment zone is only 8 inches wide too.

Turn One
His Turn
He goes first and I couldn't be happier about that. Everything moves up, tyrant ducks into a forest, one warrior drops a large blast on some boyz that scatters off and only kills 3 boyz and he is done.

My Turn
Everything (sans one set of lootas) moves up. Grotzookas rip a chunk of termagaunts up and even do damage to the warriors (which ends up being a moot point really). After the grotzookas are done, I realize I should have shot the zoanthrope first; Boyz fix my mistake and kill it. A second boyz squad shoot at the hive tyrant in the forest as its the only thing in range. About half of them shoot, two wounds through. Set of rokkit kanz shoot at the tyrant and put two wounds on the unit (he has a guard). One loota squad (with the KFF) shoots at the hive tyrant; Tyrant is now alone and has 3 wounds. The second loota squad tries to make it to within 2 inches of the ruins edge, but I roll snake eyes on the move and another 1 on the run (and they fail to get where I want them). Last set of rokkit kanz remove the warriors from the table. last set of boyz aren't in range.

Turn Two
Gene steelers are cool with sitting this one out, but everything else touches down. The pod of hormagaunts touches down to the left of the forest the tyrant is in and a few inches out from a squad of boyz. The doom touches down outside the ruins the lootas are hiding inside of. Finally the Trygon touches down on the right side of the map near another squad of boyz and one set of rokkit kanz.

His Turn
Doom starts to make his pay. Aura picks off 4 lootas (2 from each squad, they avoid a leadership test) and hits but fails to damage a boy squad. He shoots the boyz squad furthest to the right and kills 3 more (scatter saved me from massive casualties). Tyrant shifts alittle to keep synapse on everything and tries to leech essence the boyz but does not generate any wounds. Termagaunts run up and shoot at the center boy squad behind kanz, dealing 3 unsaved wounds. Hormagaunts, realizing they're going to get shot and charged next turn, run into the forest. Finally, the Trygon unleashes its fairly impressive firepower, but only kills 4 more boyz in the squad closest to it.

My Turn
So many things to shoot...

The doom eats a lot more lootas. I actually managed to roll an 18 on the leadership test, so one squad fails by nine. I get lucky on saves and a few remain. Other squad is fine.

Finally its killing time. The doom has way too many wounds to deal with, so a set of rokkit kanz shoot it and instant kill the bastard. Trygon gets hit by a set of rokkit kanz, lootas (only one squad) and boyz; when its all said and done however, it only takes 2 wounds from shooting. The left hand boyz shoot at the hormagaunts in the forest and kill 4. The middle boyz shoot at the tyrant (he only has one wound and I was hoping they'd finish him so the final loota squad could shoot the Trygon) but fail. Lootas shoot the tyrant and it goes down. The grotzooka killa kanz, with little else to hit without causing threat to boyz, shoot the termagaunts.

Assault time. Left hand boyz assault Hormagaunts in the forest and hit their drop pod. Drop pod takes no damage, Hormagaunts kill 3 orks, orks kill 9 (rest of squad) Hormagaunts. Grotzooka kanz assault termagaunts because its either that, or wait around for gene stealers to maybe be in range next turn. They can't take damage from the assault so its pretty simple to roll my nine dice and move on. They do not finish off the Termagaunts so they're locked in. Finally the big fight, 3 kanz and a boyz squad verse the Trygon.

We assault, he goes first. I fear he'll hit kanz, probably penetrating them all (str 6+2D6 penetration vs av 11) and causing their explosion to kill more boyz, but he hits boyz; 4 boyz die. boyz go next and inflict one wound. Kanz go next and destroy the trygon, inflict 4 wounds.

All his monsterous creatures are dead already, his Gene stealers are still off the board, his termagaunts are now useless and his hormagaunts are dead. The Tyranid player concedes.

To be honest, I was pretty intimidated by all the powerful creatures and unique things the Tyranid player had (that and this was my first solo game), but in the end, the victory was pretty overwhelming.

A final Note
I'm writing this a day later, so attribute any inconsistencies to bad memory.
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