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Hey guys. New to the forums and relatively new to the ork army. I have finally collected enough orks to have a decent sized army. This is my first list that I've made over 1000. If you have any suggestions or criticism, let me know! Always looking for ways to make my army better.

Let me preface this by saying I usually like to play my orks as an in your face kind of army, since that's what seems to be thematic about them. That amongst other things (like their awesome history) are what draw me to them.

Army list:

90 pts -Big Mek with KFF, Cybork Body.
160 pts - Grotsnik Da Painboss
130 pts - Warboss with Da Lucky Stikk, Mega Armor, Bosspole

115 pts - 5 x Burna boyz with Trukk (reinforced ram)
180 pts - 2 x Meganobz and 1 x Boss meganob (killsaw) with Trukk (Board Planks & Reinforced Ram)
198 pts - 5 x Nobz (2 w/ Big Choppa) and 1 x Boss nob (PK) Waaagh! Banner with Trukk (Reinforced Ram)

447 pts - 3 x Boyz mobs each with 19 x boyz (Shootas) and 1 x Boss Nob (Big Choppa)

Fast Attack
30 pts - Deffkopta (TL Rokkit Launcha)
30 pts - Deffkopta (TL Rokkit Launcha)
89 pts - 2 x Warbikers and 1 x Warbiker Nob (PK)

The two friends that I play with generally play with no flyers (and agree when we do play with flyers, such as deffkoptas since they don't consider them flyers) so this list is mostly for ground units. My friends play as Space Wolves and Necrons mostly, and I play on playing against both of this next weekend with this list.

Place Warboss with Meganobz and hope trukk last till my round to rush in and possibly disembark them with boarding planks. Grotsnik will be with Nobz for fearless and FnP. Big Mek will be with Burnas for extra support to keep them embarked in the trukk and protect from explosion when it goes boom (since trukks explode about half the time in my games). Deffkopta will be used for mid ranged support, shooting priority targets that have large range and lots of rolls. Warbikers rush against any priority shooting targets (I usually play assault the shooty, shoot the assaulty). Boyz rush in for flanking and support other assaulty troops with the Waaagh! round 2 or grab the objectives where necessary.


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Hey and glad you joined the waaggh.

Battlewagons are better than trukks and against wolves and especially Necrons those trukks are going to die quickly. So don't expect to much from them.

Since your boyz are walking it may be better to go with two groups of 30.

I also don't think your warbikes are going to survive long in a match. I would consider some stormboyz or buggies for some quick hard hitting units. Warbikes do good in units of 6 or more. If you do using them as mobile shooting I would keep them cheap and invest the points else where.

You may want to consider a looted wagon with a killcannon to draw fire and drop some pie plates on your opponents. Necron troops will die to it.

Good luck in your waagh let us know how it goes.

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hi and as Morfangdakka has said welcome to the waaggh.

one thing I noticed with your list is that you have nearly 2/3 of your points in your HQ and Elites. what I tend to do when building ork lists is go the other way around.

I usually divvy up 1500 points with my orks by breaking it up into 6 lots of 200pnts and one lot of 300 and then work from there. I tend to build my troops section first that way you don't get tempted to load up on the toys for the other units. I tend to start with about 700 points for troops (1 lot of 300 and 2 lots of 200 points) usually then set aside 200 for HQ, 200 for elites, 200 for fast attack and 200 for heavy support. then I borrow from each of the 200 lots to tailor each of the other groups but always leaving the troops alone. then once all is decided any points left over go back to the troops to make their units bigger.

the thing to remember with orks is they are cheap and expendable and win through sheer weight of numbers.

your list you have built will struggle against AV12 or better armour. also with trukks I tend to leave them bare bones as they are easily destroyed I wouldn't bank on them to last any more than 2 turns if they do bonus but you should use them only to get you from point a to point b. as with what Morfangdakka has said if you want to cruise around shooting out of something then you need a battle wagon as they can weather a fair bit of fire.

hope this helps.

'appy times stompin' fings

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Thanks for the advise everyone! Since this list I have purchased two more battle wagons which has helped tremendously. I like the way you divvy up your points, that was very helpful. I've found that 2 CAD is more helpful as an ork player since the Heavy spots are so easily filled. This allows for more battlewagons, mek gunz, and lootas to assist my troops. I've since dropped the burnas, I just cant get them in close enough for them to make a difference. As a side note: I have found them to be useful against chaos and tyranid, but I don't like to make a list catering to countering one specific army. I also found out that the Waaagh! Banner is redundant with Da lucky stick so won't make that mistake again. I don't run meganobz and regular nobz together anymore. Wraps too many points up in elites that would be better spent on boyz for objective security.
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