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I don't like blasters on sniper squads. Also on raider squads you want to use only 5 or 9 guys. It has to do with how many people will die before you do a 25% morale check.

My humble opinion about your HQ squad is that you should make it less valuable. Once you show people you army list, the first thing that will happen in a game is that your HQ raider will get shot to hell and the people inside won't last much longer when on foot. Thin it out, buy another wych squad or something else. Make more targets for the enemy to keep track of.

Again this is just an opinion thing but I like ravager with either 3 disintegrators or 2 disintegrators and 1 dark lance. 3 Dark Lances is exciting and everything but it will only be able to move 6 and shoot everything. That is literally walking speed in the game. walking speed.
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