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Never mix and match weapons on Ravagers.
You should run 2 with the default lances and 1 with 3 Dizzy upgrades.

Sniper squads should be 10 man. 2-3 of these squads is nice, and very very competitive.

Raider squads should be 10 man, blaster and Splinter cannon and a Sybarite with Poisoned blades.

At 1500 points I run The standard Agoniser Archon (Agoniser, CC drugs, Splinter pistol and shadowfield) with 9 Incubi. Sometimes I through in Drazhar if theres a chance of facing multi-wound model units...aka, ork nobz and tyrand warriors etc.
This isn't over kill, as it's a ridiculously hard unit to stop.

Wyches all need wych weapons, a Succubus with an Agoniser and a Raider. Throw in a couple of blasters if you feel the need.

Don't underestimate units of 5 jetbikes w/ 2 Blasters led by a Succubus w/ Punisher.

Vect is probably the most Dangerous model in the entire game.

Nothing else is worth taking.
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