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Over watch / snap shots are usually fairly straight forward. Just remember that with ballistic skill modifiers, unless it specifically states that it modifies snap shots, then it doesn't. Some rules are even so specific as to mention that only overwatch snap shots are modified, like the dark angels grim resolve business.

Anything with a blast marker / template can't be fired as snap, with the Wall of Death being specific to templates (i.e. flamers) in overwatch.

Brief list of reasons to snap shoot:

Infantry(ish) things:
Gone to ground (Snap shots for normal shots, can no longer overwatch)
Moved with a heavy weapon (without relentless / slow & purposeful)
Having just regrouped (Unless you're gloriously loyal, ATSKNF FTW)

Vehicles/Jinky things:
Various pen damage results, Crew shaken / Stunned etc
Fired an ordnance weapon (wobble wobble)
Moved at combat speed - 1 Weapon fires normally, everything else snaps
Moved at cruising speed - Everything snaps
(Fast special rule lets you move at combat - fire everything / cruising speed - fire 2 weapons)
Similar for passengers in transports ala the above. Reading may be required.

Side notes:
ANYTHING shooting at zooming flyers / swooping FMCs is snapshooting unless it has skyfire. Skyfire makes you snapshoot at ground targets though xD
Snap shots can never be precision shots.
Sometimes people in buildings are forced to snapshoot, usually when the walls start falling off.
If you haven't come across invisibility yet, I suggest you spend some time in the BRB psychic power tables.

Apologies, I do realise the original question was regarding overwatch rather than snapshots specifically, but I like to remind myself of the rules occasionally, so I thought I'd share.
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