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Can anyone give me some advice, I want to paint some new fyreslayers, and want to paint their beards blue, can anyone give me any tips on painting blue hair. Want them more blue than grey, but unsure how to build up the colour so that you can still see the details. Also want to add on some of them to have maybe orange or red parts of the beards and hair.

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With hair and rope i personally found good of using washes for contrasts.

●Basically paint light coat (meduim color)
●Wash darkest color
●Highlight with something lighter than first.

If using citadel (GW) paints maybe:
● "macragge blue"
●wash "kantor blue"
●Highlight "calador blue"

If chasing specific colors maybe go for grey base and thinned blue coats for main colors.

Hope that helps a bit.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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