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Firaeveus Carron Homebrew Rules

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With my rudimentary understanding of TT rules, I managed to put together some half-serious, half-satirical homebrew rules for Firaeveus Carron. Hope you enjoy!

Firaeveus Carron

For ten thousand years, the traitor legions have waged war upon the Imperium. From the Eye of Terror and countless other breaches in reality, the chosen of Khorne emerge to butcher the populations of entire worlds, spilling blood and collecting skulls for their murderous patron. Elsewhere, the Alpha Legion constantly plots and schemes against the Imperium, planting its seeds throughout the galaxy, growing cults dedicated to Chaos, and undermining the stability of worlds still under the yoke of Imperial rule. There is a Chaos Lord who swears allegiance to both of these powers, for he has only one enemy: the Rhino.

Firaeveus Carron emerged from a Warp Storm into the Kaurava system with a host of Alpha Legion marines at his side. Upon arriving, he was enraged to find that all three Imperial factions there were using Rhinos. The Blood Ravens Space Marines and the Sisters of Battle were both using them to repel enemies from their stronghold if it came to that, though the Blood Ravens’ usage of them was part of a more elaborate strategy carried out by Force Commander Indrick Boreale known as “Steel Rehn.” The 252nd Conservators were using the Rhinos to transport Baneblade parts to a Mechanicus forge after losing track of no less than 100 Baneblades (that was the rumor, anyway).

Denouncing the wielders of the so-called “metal boxes” as cowards and fools, Firaeveus Carron immediately began his crusade to destroy each and every last Rhino in the known galaxy, starting with the Kaurava system. It is unknown whether or not he was ignorant of the fact that many renegade chapters and even the traitor legions themselves also made regular use of the Rhino transport, but it is said that, in one of few recorded observations of the legion that the Inquisition still possesses, every member of the Alpha Legion warband collectively facepalmed that day.

Firaeveus Carron (120 pts)
WS 6
BS 5
S 4
T 4
W 3
I 5
A 4
Ld 10
Sv 3+
Unit Type: Infantry
Wargear: Power Armor, Power Axe, Plasma Pistol, Frag Grenades, Krak Grenades, Mark of Khorne
Special Rules: Independent Character, Fearless, 5+ Invulnerable Save,
METAL BOXES!: If Firaeveus Carron or the squad he is attached to is in attack range of a Rhino Transport belonging to any faction during the Shooting phase, he and the squad he is attached to must attack that Rhino. In addition, if there is a Rhino within 24” of Firaeveus Carron, then he and the squad he is attached to must move to assault that Rhino. However, Carron and the squad he is attached to receive a +2 bonus to rolls to penetrate vehicle armor when attacking a Rhino (Shooting or Assault phase).


-The +1 to Attack given by the Mark of Khorne is already figured into his stats.
-Considering boosting his points cost to account for METAL BOXES! (pts for wargear are already figured in)
-I'm aware that it's spelled "Steel Rain" but I just couldn't resist the opportunity to make fun of Boreale's accent.

Let me know what you think!
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