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Finished Ork Warboss

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I haven't been around in so long it seems!
So this was a commissioned piece and surprisingly with work and stuff I got it finished in two weeks. Woot!~ It was the first time I tried to do chipping of paint and really the first time I tried to work so extensively with yellow so I was quite pleased with how it came out. Comments always appreciated.
I'm looking for more commission work, so please contact me if you are interested and we can work things out. Thank you!~ (I know it's a shameless plug...sorry.)
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Holy f-

Thats amazing. Have some rep you magnificent bastard.

I especially love how you worked the rust.
Hahaha!~ Thanks guys!~ I was going to have it be a Tutorial, but halfway thru and thereafter, I kept forgetting to take pictures. >.< I have a few more orks I can practice on for different clans and stuff, so hopefully I'll have more patience and memory to make a tutorial.
A far better example of how to paint yellows than I could manage, even now.

I especially like the skin tones though, some cracking layers and highlights there - have some rep dear lady.:)
that's stunning. How did you do the lenses?


Lol! That was the least time intensive. But it's done with Regal Blue base then a hint of Enchanted Blue towards the top left of the lens. Then I took a toothpick and dipped it in Skull White and put a dab of it at the very top left of the lens. If you want a lighter reflection, I say probably replace the Regal for the Enchanted and the Enchanted for 1:1 mix Enchanted and Ice Blue.
That's a very nice Bad Moon Warboss. How did you get such good coverage with the yellow? Well, anyway... +rep.
The yellow was the hardest part of the model for me, but the first coverage was fairly easy with a 1:1 Iyanden Darksun Foundation to Flow Improver and coated that two or three times as the bottom layer, obviously taking time in between layers for the paint to dry. Some places where I had gotten a bit more coverage, I only went over two times and other places 3 times. I think the Darksun being a foundation part really helped in the overall coverage of the model.
I think the skin, the yellow, and the rust were all well done. I particularly like the blending on the skin.

I think there are two details you could improve on. Some of the rivets get lost because they are part of another color and didn't get picked out or rusted. So the treatment of the rivets isn't consistent across the model. Especially on the gauntlet and the war-pole.

I think the pants are a little underwhelming compared the attention you lavished elsewhere. You didn't even paint the stitches holding his britches together! So get the stitches on the pants and the back holster, and I think those areas will look a lot more finished.

Thanks lots Kreuger! I'll keep that in mind. Those details escaped me when I was painting. I totally got distracted by the other parts and forgot about the stitches!!! >.<
Nice work. The yellows are good but I really like the browns on the leather. Good job.
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