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Finding X-wing movement templates

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If you are reading this then i am hoping you are able to assist me. I am looking for 1:1 Scale images/outlines of X-wing movement templates. With access to a laser cutter i plan to use the images to cut my own acrylic templates

I thank you for your assistance
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....that sounds like copyright infringement (if you're planning to use them for your game)?

Plus there's a lot of acrylic pieces available online for not much of an investment, though I don't know how cheap it can be to make your own.
I am not planning on using them for my game, i want to laser cut my own to practice for the movement templates i will have to be making
If that's the case why not just pick whatever curve/shape you'd like and practice? I've been looking around online for the cause and can't seem to find someone who has figured out that the scale for this game is metric and not imperial.
I was hoping to get some use out of something rather than just test pieces (multi purpose/economical). No point cutting my games templates yet when they are still being deliberated on

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You can find the actual cardboard pieces very cheaply if you ask on the X-wing Trading group on Facebook - most people have a couple of Core sets and their own acrylics, so have two or more card sets kicking around for no purpose.
I do have my own, its just a lot of effort to upload them and to translate that into something a Laser cutter responds too
If I can find some graph paper I will lay them out and take a picture for you. Would that work?

EDIT: Just saw your post about you already owning them. Disregard.
Actually it really would, a reason why it will be a lot of effort to upload them is the fact that they are at home; 6 hours away. Wont be at home for a couple more months
Yes that works, thank you

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