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Finally Won with My DA

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Hey everyone !

Finally won with my dark angels, i've had three games with my friend who plays guard and his very experienced, he whooped me in the first 2 games at 2000 points. And he cleared me off the board.

But we played a 1000 point game and i won !...by one VP but a win is a win !

We are having a 1500 point game in a week or so , so fingers crossed i can beat him again.

From my experience (of 3 games ;) ) its best to have a mix of the wings, rather then fielding pure wing armies.
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Nicely done mate.

Bet that knocked him down a peg :laugh:
Done him out of a hat trick of wins there :laugh:

Hopefully you can do it again at 1500 :good:
I can do this aha ! :)
I believe in you Ray-Ray! :drinks:
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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