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I've found that there are 2 possible configurations for a DP:
1) Flying Monster of death.
You take a DP,put wings on it and trow the beasty at the enemy, supported by spawns, maulerfiends and bikers. Average cost should not be over 260 imo. I usually do Nurgle DP, wings, armour and engage medium sized squads of infantry, shooting specialists or terminators units. I avoid to take the mace since the DP need to stay 2 turns in melee, avoiding to be shot in the enemy turn. Even a DP of khorne with axe can be fine, but more points are involved.

2)Guardian Monster
You take an Armoured DP, maybe with some psionic witchfires and deepstrike or deploy it in your backfield, as a counter or deterrent. Average cost should be 220. I usually take an armoured Slaanesh DP with ML1 and deploy it as a counter to ouflankers, infiltrator that get too near or DS elites.

However, of the two, the more cost-efficient role is 1). And even in that role, if you really want an useful beast you are spending around 280 pts, wich is toooo much for a shitty daemon that can be instagibbed by a Str10 shot. So, either you take it clean and go for Nurgle DP with wings as a kamikaze (200 pts) or you might as well take Be'Lakor for an extra and have a great psionic with awesome melee capabilities.

Imo, role 2) is wasted unless you play 2000-3000 pts and want to add some fun. When i use that configuration, it's not easy to keep him alive.
Let's be honest: T5 and no squads to join makes the DP an easy prey for any shooty troop...orks kommandos / boyz with big shootas & shootas, tactical squads with bolters & plasmaguns, tau fire warriors...anything will just evaporate the Prince in a single lucky (or divination buffed) fire phase.

In the end my idea is: go cheap or go Be'Lakor.
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