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With the terminator honours he should have 4 base if included in profile, then gets a addition +1 for the basically true grit with the combi-melta so he would have 4 base attacks +1 for true grit, and then up to 6 attacks on the charge for uber true grit(tough build) id still actually tone him down to 250 since hes got no invul save and still suceptible to ID, maybe tone him down to 3 wounds and make him like 220 pnts? and have his sword add +1 or +2 str would be a good addition for him if you do that then 220~250 points, id throw a iron halo on him as well for the 4+ or just anything to give him a invul really other wise thats 300 points down the drain from a LC shot so heres what i would suggest

A) give him the 4 attacks in his prof for the termy honours if its going to be included
B)Make his sword more unique by a str modifier(most likely +1)
C) tone him down to 3 wounds so hes still comparable to a master force commander
D) give him a iron halo or something for a invul save or mantle to protect from ID
E) push the points down between 220~250

That would still make a damn good char thats worth his points, sorry but 300 is just way to much for what hes doing, i mean abbadon is 275 and can do MUCH more then this char, so adding a little to him and making the cost little more realistic makes him also more playable and worthwhile :peace:
just trying to help is all ^_^
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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