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I believe Kell is talking to the Eversor when he digresses that he has slain an Astartes before? Now, considering the context of this happening, it is viable Kell was spinning a lie to the highly gullable and hormone-drugged Eversor, who -quite simply- wanted to rend ceramite and score flesh. So, again, before we throw ourselves into self-proposed conclusions whilst viewing this extract, the personnalities of both Kell and... Garantine, alongside the context and other orientations must be taken into consideration. The Horus Heresy is a well of allegory, very rarely is it merely: Black and white.

However, preffering simple explanations and irritating little tidbits of juiciest lexis, myself, I will side with Lord of the Night, and rammify the theory that Kell must have taken part within a successful mission against one of the Traitor Legions post-Isstvan V and prior to the current events set within Nemesis.

Personnally, I found Jenniker and Iota's deaths both vague and lacking of detail. Such said I like to think of the Assassin's bred -if not vat-grown- within the Assassin Clades to be truly heartless proffessionals, with all manner of memory-swipes, cyber-augmentations and Neuromancer-esque gagetry, so Swallow's... less ''hardcore'' varients, presented within Nemesis was the overused and cliched ''meh'' at best. I utterly adored the deaths of both the Callidus and Vanus; very fitting and Kell's final judgement/hit upon Spear was a reckoning that drew the book up from mediocre to rather exemplary.

But... Really the sheer idiocy that was Sedirae's ''proxy'' for Horus Lupercal is beyond comprehension. How the proverbial fuck that could successfully swuade incredibly experienced, trained and augmented (Hence my earlier point) Assassin's is stupid, for want of a better word.

Still, I liked Nemesis but by the Gods I am glad something that is the eptiome of the ''Horus Heresy'' is out in November! :angel:
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